Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer | Seth + Melissa's Camp Susque Wedding in Williamsport

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When Melissa told me she needed a photographer for her Camp Susque wedding I was more than just a little excited. I spent one week of every summer of my childhood at this camp and hadn't been back since I was 13 years old. Driving up to such a familiar place so many years later had me experiencing some serious nostalgia. Add to that the fact many people I knew from the camp were guests of the wedding and actually remembered me (I still can't believe it). 

Melissa and Seth did an amazing job of turning the camp of my childhood into a venue for their wedding reception. And it didn't hurt that the camp is set in the middle of the Allegheny mountains that just happened to be changing color as fall set in.



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Melissa says:

Beautiful work! I'm so excited to be on your website and be a part of your portfolio. I can't wait to see all your pictures!

Brett Omar
Brett Omar says:

To Melissa and Seth, May the road rise to meet you on your journey through the endless path of life through the universe of love and gratitude and may your endless amount of children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and great great grandchildren flower the world with the beauty of life and love and happiness for eternity and may the happiness and love of your family spread out and number like the stars in the sky and the grains of sands on an endless beautiful beach on which I am sure you spend your honeymoon! Your love and courage is an example to all the minions of earth that we all must remember how love is the superior dictator of this planet and reigns over all of us in our encampment of the power of your love. Forever shall your wings beat to the sound of the harmony of love and desire or one another, the wind that passes off your wings of love shall empower us that our wishing to feast on the glory of love so that we may go forth in this world to ensure that the harmony will prevail over all that is evil to ensure that this desolate world will become one of love and beauty in which you, Seth and Melissa, have shown us the way! We bow down to your love and may your light your love has shown blaze the way for us all!

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